Welcome To Navy Blue


Recording, Mixing, Production

In studios and remote locations

I've worked with-


Wolf Parade

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Minus the Bear


Danny Newcomb And The Sugarmakers

The Long Winters

Perfume Genius

Spirit Award

Judith Owen


Tom Collier

Beth Fleenor

Shelby Earl               

Star Anna

Leland Sklar

Bill Frisell

Whitney Lyman


The Switch

Warren Cuccurullo

Sky Larkin

Kathleen Edwards

The Black Whales

Daniel G Harmann

Daydream Vacation


The Globes

Los Campesinos!

Head Like a Kite


John Goodmanson

Che Pope

Joe Chiccarelli

Matt Bayles

Kurt Bloch

Vance Powell

Dan Dean

Michael Beinhorn

David Bianco

Roy Thomas Baker

Wayne Horvitz

Jack Endino



Orbit Audio

London Bridge

Robert Lang's

Bear Creek


Red Room

Two Sticks

Sound House

Midnight Lamp

Neptune Valley


Crackle and Pop

Microsoft Production Studios

Mobile Recording

- 26 inputs of Universal Audio, Shinybox, Chameleon Labs, and RCA mic pres, modular/scalable setup

- Microphones, stands, cables, headphones, monitors, some instruments, amps, etc...

- Great ears

Some Gear


Universal Audio

Apollo 8 Quad 4x Unison mic pres

Apollo 8p Quad 8x Unison mic pres

Apollo Twin Quad 2x Unison mic pres

UAD Satellite Octo

UA 4-710D 4x mic pre/AD converter

UAD Plugins

*Unison models include UA, API, Neve, SSL, and Manley mic pres

Tascam DM-4800 Digital Console/Interface  24x mic pres

Some Mics

Townsend Labs L22 Dual Capsule Condenser (models the Ocean Way mic collection including U47, U67, U87, M-49, AKG C-12, Sony C-800, and others)

Shinybox ribbon mics

SM 57s, SM 58s, and SM7

Sennheiser 421s

AKG D-112

EV 635As

Rode, MXL, AKG, condensers

and others

Some Outboard

Api Lunchbox with Shinybox and Chameleon Labs mic pres

UA 1176 Limiting Amplifier

DBX 160XT Compressor/Limiter

Chameleon Labs 7720 Stereo Compressor

Ibanez AD-202 Delay

Chandler Tube Driver

RCA 4x mic pres

Maestro Echoplex EP-34

Tech21 SansAmp

and others 

Crumar CPB-2 Bass Synth Pedals

Selection of bass and guitar amps, basses, guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion


Eric Corson

Navy Blue Audio